I think they outdid the millennium. I think they outdid the Olympics. I think so far, we haven’t seen better.

The music was nothing short of spectacular making the whole fireworks display unforgettable. We had many comments from guests in the letters. They wrote saying that the music with the fireworks was inspired!” – Victoria Sharp, Chairman of the London Philharmonic Orchestra

The best fireworks display I have ever seen!” – Popstar, KT Tunstall.

Just incredible. Beyond wonderful. The ending was fantastic. sublime. Absolutely out of this world.

It was fantastic. Absolutely remarkable. Wonderful. I don’t think I’ll ever see one like that again.

Just to say well done on the amazing firework display on Saturday night. One of the best I’ve ever seen. The highlight of the evening and something the client was truly blown away by.” – Tim Hanbury, Managing Director of Apollo Event Consultants Ltd.

They were absolutely extraordinary. They were like the wedding of the Dauphine in 1745 – really transporting!” – Lord Julian Fellowes

Quite extraordinary, I have never, ever witnessed fireworks like it, and I’ve seen them on the other side of the world.

Firework displays often seem to be settled into the predictable (but not unwelcome) routine of a mounting crescendo, ending with a big bang, and set to some tired old classic. But Serena resisted this temptation in order to come up with a musical light show that stands as a composition in it’s own right. Swells of action, waves of excitement and elegant ripples of colour contributed to a show of Olympic quality!” – George Binning

A simply stunning display, beautifully produced and very cleverly thought out. The depth and perspectives of the fireworks, and the music timings – immaculate. I loved the way you began with ‘Tears’ and the Bjork ending was sublime. A very memorable and perfectly executed display– loved it.” – Neil Ogilvie, Managing Director of Finix Productions, Edinburgh

Wow, I have never seen any fireworks like it and was totally transfixed. Being someone that is capable of yawning during most displays – that has completely changed my mind. The whole thing was simply amazing!

It was a beautifully designed show and I thought that the ‘choreography’ was exceptional.” – Event producer, Unique Events

It was a masterpiece.” Cornelia Palmer

I cant think of any more words to describe how wonderful, emotional, uplifting the display was. I didn’t know that fireworks could move one so much – Worth every penny!

I feel utterly confident that what I felt was an amazing experience. Our seeing and our hearing were simultaneously captured and held absolute prisoner by Serena’s music and the perfectly choreographed fireworks. No-one could move or look away, all were entirely entranced. We were moved by the music and by the whole experience I am absolutely sure that no-one who was there will ever forget it.” – Victoria Baden-Powell

“Your hard work, dedication and enormous talent produced an extraordinary level of accomplishment. Your magical treatment of the music made the fireworks dance and the effect was breath-taking; beautiful, exciting and bold. We had such a wonderful evening and our guests were deeply impressed.” – Virginia Grant


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